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Chiropractic medicine is an effective scientific form of spinal manipulation founded and pioneered by D.D. Palmer, the father of modern chiropractic medicine. This natural form of spinal therapy can significantly decrease and sometimes eliminate crippling pain by helping tonic muscles relax via chiropractic adjustments.  Spinal adjusting can also restore balance to the neuromuscular system and help stimulate the body’s natural healing properties.


The technique that I practice identifies these properties of the body as “zones”. Dr. Thurman Fleet, the pioneer of Zone Healing, identified six primary zones that control and influence health in the body. If the integrity and function of anyone or groups of zones are in anyway compromised, there may be consequences to the total health of our body and musculoskeletal nerve system. Consequences may include spinal, visceral pain and many potentially chronic health conditions. The good news is that Zone Technique is incredibly effective for many of these conditions. In addition, I have personally seen great results in not only the recuperation of severe spinal trauma, (i.e., car crashes, falls or severe sports injuries) but visceral pathology as well.


When we suffer a major physical trauma, our bodies tend to “lock down” joints via muscular contraction/spasm to defend the injured area from further assault. Although this is the body’s natural and correct response to trauma, our biomechanics may be adversely affected by this protective response over longer periods of time. Zone technique can be critical to restoring natural joint mobility, fluid biomechanics and injured muscles that work in balance with one another. More importantly, Zone Technique can help restore the natural balance between the brain and the body’s natural healing systems to accelerate the natural healing process.  If these primary systems or zones are stimulated into balance, they become the very powerful foundation of perfect health.




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