Zone Technique


Dr. Sergio treats a variety of conditions and pathologies. He utilizes Zone technique as the foundation of his practice. However, his adjusting style is tailored to the patient’s needs and possible levels of pain. Zones are balanced and corrected as per patient tolerance in spite of significant physical injury (auto, chronic pain, sports injury). Dr. Sergio utilizes a variety of chiropractic/soft tissue methods (old school and new school!) to relieve pain, correct abnormal biomechanics, and restore zone balance.


In addition to adjustments and traditional chiropractic treatments, Dr. Sergio also specializes in zone technique. Learn the benefits of balancing each zone in your body.

Colibrí Chiropractic focuses on stimulating the healing process within. We not only treat the body, but we focus on the deep connection between self, community, and earth. When these connections are compromised, malady/imbalance may be experienced internally and externally. Dr. Sergio is committed to the wellness for all people, regardless of condition(visceral pain/pathology or severe spinal trauma). We provide a community connection for healing, and support nutritional, emotional, mental, and fitness decisions that can change your life.







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